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Frost Bank Center | San Antonio, Texas

Stevie Nicks

Heads up, Texas! This is your chance to jam along with eight-time Grammy-nominated American singer Stevie Nicks at the Frost Bank Center on Saturday, May 18th, at 7:00 PM! Produced by Live Nation, the upcoming event is an extension of her 2024 Live In Concert Tour, which adds an extra twelve dates throughout the summer. The former Fleetwood Mac singer is internationally known for being the first woman ever to be inducted into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice! And with timeless hits like the mystical “Rhiannon” and expressive “Landslide,” hardcore rock fans simply cannot pass up on this historic performance. Plus, San Antonio’s expansive indoor arena will set the stage for our ground-breaking night with a modern design that includes large screens, high-definition sound systems, and comfortable seating all around! So, "If You Ever Did Believe," in the power of rock legends, you would grab your tickets today and prove it!

The world-famous Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll, Stevie Nicks, is touching down at the Frost Bank Center on Saturday, May 18th, as she celebrates over sixty years in the music industry!

“Let’s keep this party going in 2024,” the award-winning singer mentioned in the caption of a recent Instagram post.

Ageless and unstoppable, Stevie Nicks defies time at seventy-five and shows no signs of slowing down, especially on this smashing evening! While her headlining tour kicks off in February, the legendary singer is already adding new dates, extending the rockin’ magic all the way through June. You know what that means? More opportunities to catch her iconic tracks LIVE!

We’re in luck because San Antonio is one of only twelve cities added to her North American trek, while the other Texas date is her co-headlining performance with the “Piano Man” himself, Billy Joel, at Arlington.

From Fleetwood Mac to solo work, her soft pop and rock influences continue to inspire bands of this generation. Some of her iconic tracks include “Leather and Lace” and “Edge of Seventeen," the leading single from her most successful album “Bella Donna.” Moreover, the world has recognized her amazing accomplishments with a whopping fourteen Grammy Award nominations and not just one - but two inductions into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

“The moment she began to sing, her distinctive voice sounded as vibrant and strong as ever, albeit a bit huskier and deeper. Wearing a billowing dress that was black on top and silvery gray below, her mic stand festooned with her signature ribbons and beads, the still beautiful Nicks served up some of her best-loved hits with her bewitching grace and stage presence,” a live review shares.

So call up your squad and plan a trip down to the Frost Bank Center for a cool spring, as the venue is known for its premium seating options and high-class amenities. And with the clearest speakers and the most dazzling lighting systems in town, there absolutely is no better way to experience this upcoming rock concert! Get your tickets now for Stevie Nicks LIVE on Saturday, May 18th, at exactly 7:00 PM!

Stevie Nicks at Frost Bank Center

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